About Me

Philippe Lague-Morin
Looking for new challenges
Montreal, Canada Area | Computer Software

From the minute I smashed a 4001 NOR gate with a hammer I was hooked on electronics. This lead me to discover the TRS-80, next thing you know, I was making train animations on the TV and simple Guess the number games in basic. In high school I learned C; this opened up the embedded world (like PICs, AVRs and ARM) and OpenGL years later. Java came along and being curious I tried it along with .NET, PHP and other languages.

I like to try new and intriguing things and not afraid to learn new (or old!) stuff. I take pride in making a just simple enough solution even if I have very hard questions. I love doing embedded development whether it's embedded Linux or bare-bones embedded. I enjoy working on apps that reaches out to the general public, native or web.

I think development is about solving problems, the language is a just tool.

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