Finally, the DSP board based on a DSP56371

It’s been a while but I’m very exited to tell you I’ve finished a small DSP board for a simple headphone amp. The original goal was to have a USB input in 16bit 48kHz and pass thought a DSP to “enhance” the sound before a tube power amplifier. I’ve been going mad trying to find a suitable DSP without committing too many hours; those DSP evaluation kits are not cheap.

That is until I found out about Freescale’s Soundbite which has decent inputs ADCs and output DACs. As a bonus they even have the Eagle files available (YES !)

My board is quite simple, two possible inputs:

  • PCM2707: USB to I2S
  • CS5346: 6 Single-Ended inputs with built-in PGA and MUX

The output is using a PCM4104: 24Bits with 118dB SNR 4-Channel Audio DAC.

The layout is still in review, a lot of thinking still has to be done, especially on the case and the power amp. However here is the board for your review and the Eagle files; please be aware that I make no guaranties this will work. If you like this you are free to buy me something from my Amazon wish list 🙂

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