Here is my latest design for the TPA3106D1. This is an unproven design but no change in the schematics were made since my last attempt, only the layout changed.TPA3106D1 Rev C PCB

Available on BatchPCB

Values of components are:
Values are untested: Use at your own risk !

RefDes Description Qty Package Mfg Part No. Digi-Key No
CAP CER 1.0UF 25V X7R 10% 0805 8 0805 C2012X7R1E105K 445-1354-1-ND
C8,C9 CAP CER 1.0UF 100V X7R 1206 2 1206 C3216X7R2A105K 445-4467-1-ND
C12,C14 CAP 1500UF 50V ELECT FC RADIAL 2 7,5-16 EEU-FC1H152L P10334-ND
C13 CAP CER 10UF 25V X7R 1210 1 1210 C3225X7R1E106K 445-3942-1-ND
C16,C17 CAP CER 1000PF 100V C0G 5% 0805 2 0805 C2012C0G2A102J 445-2320-1-ND
IC1 TPA3106D1 1 32-LQFP TPA3106D1VFP 296-26884-ND
J1 CONN HEADER 2POS VERT .250 TIN 1 0.250″ 350428-1 A1466-ND
SPK CONN TAB FASTON BRASS .187 2 63982-1 63982-1-ND
R5,R6 RES 100K OHM 1/4W 1% 0805 SMD 2 0805 ESR10EZPF1003 RHM100KAECT-ND
R7,R8 RES 20 OHM 1/2W 1% 1206 SMD 2 1206 RNCP1206FTD20R0 RNCP1206FTD20R0CT-ND

11 thoughts on “TPA3106D1

  1. Erik says:

    Why did you choose to use a 1500uF cap instead of the 220uF which was used in the app notes?

    Also how come your 1nF caps are rated for 100V?

  2. The 1nF caps are four (4) times the maximum voltage (4 x 25). This is worse case senario and was also preferred for the price, at the time, the 100v version was cheaper in required quantities.

  3. Yann says:

    The link to the Eagle files seems broken (I get an empty “Download” page).

    Of course, it’s possible to reverse engineer the circuit and to match it to the reference design from TI, but it would be easier to build the circuit from the Eagle files.

  4. hamendar says:


    I really loved the short para on your website about “BS driven development”, it is so true!!!!!

    the next amazing thing that I found was the compact PCB layout of TPA3106. This IC has huge potential and somehow is neglected by R.W.O completely. Since you have posted eagle files on diyaudio. com and on your website, would you mind if I alter them as per my need and fabricate PCB out of them? I would love to share the eagle file with my other AudioHolic friends.


  5. hamendar says:

    Thank you so much!

    Ok, now that you say that you have updated the design, I am very curious to see the picture of new layout. If possible, please post pictures of new PCB.


  6. OSH Park won’t allow holes within 15 mils of the board edge, but maybe they could be cvnnioced to look the other way. I tried what you did above too and had a flap of copper left on each hole, which I suppose is slightly better, but still not good enough.

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