Responsive Design: don't block the workflow

I’m currently designing the interface and testing the workflow for the whole iPad/iPhone application I’m making and everything is well when everything works. However, in the current setup that I have the Insteon nodes don’t get messages from time to time; with power line signaling there is always something that can go wrong and this is why I prefer dedicated wiring but I had no choice. What happens when a message is lost is quite irritating; the GUI just sits there util the server hits a timeout. This really breaks the flow of the user. So let’s look at why this happens.
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QT Gui

The home automation needed a GUI to control and show the status. That’s why I started working on a small QT application in C++ that will be running on an embedded ARM with a 7 inch touch screen. The project is available on Github. For now I have a video demoing the latest version.

The music back end is MPD. Communication with the home automation (which I’m also doing, in Java) is via Stomp. This is how the weather is pushed.

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