Data Bus Routing


Well, seems it’s easier said then done. For the last week I’ve been trying to route my data bus (highlighted in the picture) to the FPGA (the left most IC). Considering I’m trying to do it on a two layer board I have no idea how I’ll do it. Feel free to leave a suggestion. Other possibilities include making a daughterboard with the ARM9 and memory. That would “Emulate” a 4 layer PCB and would allow me to reuse the “core” module.

Dual Layer AT91SAM9260 Board

Up until now I limited my self to text VFDs or LCDs with a common HD44780 interface but yesterday, I stumbled upon this nice PSP-LCD (LQ043T3DX02) for sell on SparkFun. Now I wanted to do graphics ! However you won’t display something on those LCDs with a PIC16F… (Well maybe a dual port memory with a CPLD to do the timings)

As my projects (Blamp and my active speakers) progress, I always find myself in need of a fast core with possibility of lots of expansion and that can be deeply embedded (read: no ports on the board). Here enters my efforts to have a working, dual-layer AT91SAM960 board with 256Mb RAM and a FPGA. oh and yes, it will run Linux.