Project of the Year

Well I need a new past time, guitar, photography and living is not keeping me awake at night. So I thought I should connect my air conditioner on my local network. This is a simple project from the hardware point of view, the hard part will be the logic. The first step is listing my Inputs/Outputs, with this list I’ll be able to choose my micro-controller.

Inputs (10):

  • Room Temperature
  • Pipe Temperature
  • Wet Sensor (Humidity)
  • Microswitch (x4)
  • Pressure Switch (Normal Level)
  • Pressure Switch (Security Level)
  • Infrared Sensor

Outputs (9+):

  • Display Unit (Unknown Number of lines)
  • Motors (Utility x2)
  • Drain Pump
  • Circ Pump
  • Upside Fan Motor (3 speed)
  • Bottom Fan Motor
  • Compressor (External Protector)

I was able to get all this because I opened my AC:

Fun, they mixed 115v AC with 3.3v DC on the same board; what could go wrong ?

Basically the choses I have, for my controller, are:

The MC9S12NE64 is very nice since it is the only one that will fit in the current enclosure however it is a bit short on inputs/outputs.