Installing Webex on 64 bits Linux (with sound)

This has only been tested on a vanilla Debian Sid. It was proven to work on 1 Ubuntu machine.

You’ll need a 32-bit Firefox, 32-bit JVM and dependencies. This guide will be command line only so that you can copy/paste. On a Debian remember that you don’t have sudo by default; you can either install and configure sudo or make sure you run commands as root.

If you have Skype running there’s a good chance you have everything and just need to jump the JVM part (as Skype is 32-bit only).

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Certified ScrumMaster

Now that I am no longer a ScrumMaster at my work place, I’ve received my certificate that I’m a ScrumMaster. Awesome.

I do wonder why they feel the need to certify people. Does it guaranty something ? What would stop me from doing anything I want anyway ? What if I’m unable to see what I’m doing wrong ?

Bullshit Driven Development

Bullshit Driven Development is a style of development that forces you to think about the company politics before anything else. You need to build up an architecture that is so complex, so future-proof that other departments has no chance to attack it. Bonus points if you twist facts from the other departments in an evil way to thicken the architecture.

The Singleton Pattern Revisited

Need to test a singleton ?

Suppose you have singleton class A:

class A {
public static A getInstance() {...}

private A() { ... }
public int doStuff() { ... }

How can you test it if you can’t use your mocks ? Simple put it in a package and make ASingleton that creates A using a constructor package default ! Since your tests run in the same package you will be able to extend it and use your mocks while still having a semi-private constructor.

class A {
A() { ... }
public int doStuff() { ... }

class ASingleton {
private ASingleton() {}
public static A getInstance() { ... }